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Great minds think alike. At Aspired State, we all share an obsessive mindset that compels us to perfectionism.
We also happen to share one foundational fixation: to become the dark horse of the advertising field, persistently shaking it out of its comfort zone with creative sucker punches coming out of left field.
In order to establish ourselves as the go-to name for brands looking to stand out in the public eye, we know we need to achieve three things: complete commitment to our client’s brand, careful consideration of the brand’s needs and constant escalation of our solutions.
Our single-minded pursuit of the creative spark leads us far, far away, but by harnessing it with strategic thinking, we always land exactly where we mean to.

Creativity is not just a question of talent and imagination. It also requires ambition to fuel it and a guiding vision to drive it forward.

Aspired State is founded on a bold spirit that seeks to challenge the status quo by aiming higher, further, deeper into unexplored territory.

The only limits to our creative solutions are the communication objectives we set, and there’s no telling which path our neurons will take to get there.

With an eclectic team of diverse talent from all fields of communication, Aspired State brings extensive experience to the table in every aspect of the business.

We see ourselves as our clients’ consultants, accompanying their brands’ evolution through every step, guiding them on the quest for identity; we know the way, and we’ll keep finding new paths to explore.

Great ideas are born in the head but they don’t stay there. The brightest quip means nothing if it’s never spoken.

In order to give voice to a certain vision, we always look for brand new ways to translate an idea into something that will make people stop and take notice.

We view activations as opportunities to activate brains: both ours and those of the consumer. After all, nothing makes an impression on a mind as much as making it think.

The ATeam

Our team is an eclectic collection of talents who have little in common apart from a shared passion. It takes every kind, they say, and somehow their differences make the people at Aspired State a more potent combination, bringing to bear complementary skills that work together to create sparks.

Chadi Kaï

General Manager & Creative Director

They say men can’t multitask: Chadi laughs at that conceit and steals its lunch money. With years of experience juggling every imaginable responsibility in the field (and bossing people around), Chadi is akin to an orchestra conductor…who’s not afraid to play all the instruments himself if he needs to.

He has taken many roles in a number of select agencies, working on such prestigious accounts as Ikea, Ooredoo Telecom, Qatar Airwaiys, Korek Telecom, Saudi Electricity, Commercial Bank, Al Khaliji Bank, Gulf Bank, Colombiano Coffee, Sbarro, Katara, Budget Rent A Car, Rifai, Opel, Chevrolet and Casino Du Liban, and many others. He has been in charge of evaluating the creative team and directing the creative work; supervising and managing functions like training and hiring; coaching, teaching, instructing and criticizing all at once (which to him mean the same thing, really).

He has often taken on the mantle of Creative Director, advising on creative concepts and solutions, and ensuring they are completed before all required deadlines, collaborating with clients, team members, and relevant department leaders to ensure the finalized products satisfy the clients’ needs and expectations.

Chadi is a graduate from the Ravensbourne College for Design and Communication (Sussex University) in London with an MA Degree in Interactive Digital Media; the Universite Saint-Esprit – Kaslik with a BA, Graphic Design and Advertising.

In his free time, he likes to travel, hike, shoot some pool, and pursues his passion for photography…not necessarily in that order.

Nathaly Abboud

Creative Director

For the past 10 years, Nathaly’s passion for advertising has led her to enjoy working late hours, answering clients’ weirdest requests, meeting suppliers’ crooked deadlines and surviving unexpected sickness among the creative team on a due date. All of this has done nothing but fuel her passion into a brighter flame.

She injected energy into countless projects, motivating and guiding multi-disciplined teams to make ideas see the light. She has led the creative process for local and multinational accounts, event communication as well as several awareness and civic campaigns.

Her mission in Aspired State is to build an exceptional creative team providing direction, motivation and feedback.

Nathaly graduated from USEK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising.

She runs on coffee and good music. She is fluent in Arabic, French, English and Italian.

She also loves traveling the world, regularly, to gain inspiration and keep the passion alive.

Ghinwa Ghorayeb

Senior Account Manager

Ghinwa is a nerdy account manager who always gets too emotionally attached to the brands she works for, which often leads her to forget about a little something called a social life.

A strategic thinker, she takes care of the brand image and communication meticulously with a constant eye on the market.

A graduate in Information & Communication from the Lebanese University, she worked on a diverse portfolio of accounts: Automotive (Mazda, Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia), FMCG (Jordans, Rye-vita, Yogi, Poppins, Master Chips, Smeds, Al-Halabi roastery…), Hospitals (Beirut Eye Specialist Hospital), Jewelry (Gargour Gems & Jewelry)…

Ghinwa is a problem solver with a positive attitude who works relentlessly as a mediator to keep a smooth workflow. She’s learnt throughout her 10 years of experience that the core of effective communication lies in a sort of constant roleplaying game, putting herself in the Client’s, Creative’s, Supplier’s & Customer’s shoes to make the best out every situation.

Her organizational skills have helped her cope with the most unrealistic deadlines this side of “I need it yesterday”! Determined & motivated, Ghinwa has also assisted in production processes, event organizations and copywriting projects.

In what little remains of her life outside of work, Ghinwa is passionate about nature with a taste for adventure; she’s a snowboarder and a hiker; a chronic victim of wanderlust who never goes anywhere without her trusty camera.

Wadad Eid

Senior Account Executive

Wadad is one of the oldest employees at Aspired State (but you better tell her she looks 20). She started as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director. Her expertise in HR and administration, gained from the work experience she has accumulated since her college years, helped her in handling all the administrative, legal, HR and accounting tasks during the first year of the agency. The knowhow she gained throughout this year was crucial to her career growth; it strengthened her in all aspects, personally and professionally.

Wadad is good at multitasking and known for her impressive presentation skills. She is very detail oriented and is a quality control freak, which is vocally apparent to everyone she works with. With these qualities, she joined the Client servicing team as a senior account executive. As such, she is known as a terror to every creative team, a hovering shadow of last minute amendments, quality control nitpicking, arguments etc.., who then turns around with a sweet smile and gets her way anyway. She is a nature lover and a huge fan of sports, and by sports we mean FIFA.

She takes herself very seriously (you can imagine her as the kind of child who rooted for the ant in Lafontaine’s famous fable): her advisor once told her that she could pull off any major in college and she ended up with a BA in Public Administration, Human Resources emphasis, another degree in Biology and a minor in Education, all with distinction from the American University of Beirut.

Sygrid Araman

Senior Art Director

Sygrid’s passion for design goes back a long way. It all started when she was a child, spending her days watching MTV music television’s awesome ads & music videos while the other kids were playing outside. She dreamt of being part of the design team behind MTV’s unique style. She was so obsessed with it she built her own little world around that one idea.

She decided to pursue that dream in her own way, studying graphic design at NDU and getting a master’s degree in advertising. She started working at Black Ink and then moved to freelancing to pursue her passion, music: she became a DJ (a good one, according to her) and took on some design projects while hopping from one place to another to play some tunes. She finally found her place as a senior Art Director at Aspired State.

She loves typography, colors and composition, and she’s responsible for creating stunning visuals for both print & digital media. These skills allow her to make a living…which she promptly spends on traveling.

Nancy Semaan

PR Account Executive

  • She believes that “when you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”.
  • She graduated with a degree from the Lebanese University in Public Relations and studied Acting and Production.
  • She is passionate and devoted.
  • Since an early age, she has organized events and plans for her friends and it was about time to take it to a professional level.
  • She worked at Middle East Airlines in the Public Relations Department for five years, taking part in organizing the events held in and by the company and communicating with the embassies, agencies and media (press releases, campaigns, staff travelling on duty). She was certified for Crisis Management and Family assistance in case of any accident where she gained skills to correctly address the needs and concerns of accident victims and families and learned how to successfully handle media challenges to protect her airline’s reputation and business.
  • PR Executive and Client Servicing at Aspired State.
  • She believes in vibes and keeps her flame burning.
  • She speaks Arabic, English, French, and Italian and is currently learning German.
  • Sarcastic and doesn’t fit in a box, she enjoys travelling, martial arts and parties with happy people.
  • She is not a tree, if her work doesn’t give her joy, motivation and money she moves on because it’s all about being passionate and genuine.
  • She feels everything is better conveyed in bullet points.

Mikel Khalil

Junior Art Director

Mikel is a true adrenaline junkie; skydiving, surfing, scuba diving and snowboarding: If it’s extreme and fun then he’s either done it or planning to do it (he might be doing it as we speak).

He finances this expensive lifestyle by selling his ideas to the corporate world: from branding to photo manipulation, he’s the go-to guy to promote an image or sell a product.

He graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik as a graphic designer. He dived right into his field, working at Malik’s bookshop as head of the computer section, getting an internship at Saatchi & Saatchi’s Brandcentral division and taking on the mantle of art director at Circle visual communication agency before ending up here at Aspired State.

His work extends through multiple social media platforms, websites, mobile apps, billboards and a few corporate identities. It’s almost like the pieces of a Rubik’s cube coming together…and we used this convenient metaphor because he insisted that we mention his Rubik’s cube solving skills.

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